How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?

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Timed QuizzesOne internet meme that seems to have taken off is quizzes where you have to name as many of something as you can in a certain amount of time (found on websites like Sporcle). The farthest back I can trace it is to this post on Ironic Sans. The original version is here, and the vastly improved version by Erik Wannebo is here.

Now it seems that everywhere you turn, you can find just such a quiz. I figured it was time to see just how far this has gone, and compile a complete a list as I could. The result is a list which now contains over 3,000 quizzes! If you know of any such quizzes I've missed, let me know in the comments or by e-mail (click the Contact Me tab at the top of this page), and I'll add them as I get the chance.

The major sources of timed quizzes I currently track on this site are:
Can You Name?
Grey Matters
LCD Love
Mental Floss
One Plus You (formerly Just Say Hi)
Quizicon (formerly Codebox Software)
Scott's Puzzles

How To Use The Droplist Filter (The icon): With over 3,000 quizzes, finding the one you want by just looking through the list itself can be challenging. To narrow your search, you can use the Droplist Filter (courtesy of joshuachan.ca):

1) Simply click the magnifying glass icon to the right of the subject heading of your choice.
2) Enter the term for which you wish to search.
3) Either click the magnifying glass icon, or hit return, and your search term will now appear as the header (in place of Select A Quiz...).
4) Open the droplist menu, and it will now consist solely of quizzes that contain your search term!

To perform a new search, simply click on the magnifying glass icon again, and search as above. To return to the full list, click the magnifying glass icon on the right again, and click the reset icon (), and the full list will be restored.

Among other great sources of timed quizzes that aren't listed here are:
Listkiller: General timed quizzes, with registration and Flash required.
ListStuff: A site that lets your create and play your own quizzes, play those of others, and keep track of your scores in comparison to others. Instead of a time limit, the games here have a clock that counts up.
PurposeGames: This site is similar to ListStuff, but offers better graphic capabilities, such as the use of maps and diagrams.
Yardbarker Quizzes: Sports-themed timed quizzes, including team-specific statistics questions.

To keep up on the latest timed quizzes, you can use these free goodies:
Timed Quizzes RSS Feed
Timed Quizzes Blog Widget
Timed Quizzes Dashboard Widget (OS X 10.4.3 or later required)
Timed Quizzes Google Gadget

Want to create your own quiz and get it linked here? Create one with the Grey Matters Timed Quiz Generator, and let me know about it! The basics of the Timed Quiz Generator are covered in this tutorial, with additional features taught here. You can even get inspiration from the quizzes on this list, or the comments from this post.

NOTE: This list is no longer being regularly updated. However, you can still keep up with the latest timed quizzes via the new Timed Quizzes RSS feed. Please see the update post for further details.















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4 Response to How Many Xs Can You Name In Y Minutes?

9:23 PM

I need help with the quiz thing that you have, I saw the video and I have a blogger blog, is it possible to put the quiz in a post? Or is it just a gadget sort of thing?


11:49 PM

The quiz generator creates regular HTML/CSS/Javascript code (as opposed to a gadget).

The only way I've been able to use it in blogger is by using an iframe ( http://www.w3schools.com/TAGS/tag_iframe.asp ).

1) Create your quiz, and copy and paste the code into a text document, and save it with the extension HTML.

2) Upload it onto an internet server (your ISP probably offers some free space), so you can access and play the quiz, as I've done here: http://members.cox.net/beagenius2/puzzles/2008hurricanes.html

3) Go into the blog post you wish to add a quiz, and include the quiz in an iframe, as I've done here: http://puzzlescott.blogspot.com/2008/09/2008-hurricane-names.html

4) You may have to post and test to better understand it, but with the documentation and links I've provided, it shouldn't be too hard.

9:46 AM

I probaly sound stupid now, but I don't know where to save it online (Step 2)

Sorry that I'm stupid =/


9:47 AM

I'm using this for my blog, and I just made another blog for the quizes that I plan to make, I think this is good enough and I don't think it needs it in the post...

Check it out, www.hazzmattsquiz.blogspot.com