Numbers Game

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Procsilas Moscas' number grid pictureI apologize for not posting the past 2 Sundays, but my internet connection was down.

Grey Matters is back this week, however, with some Sunday afternoon football...postgame conference, anyway. How does this relate to math or memory? Read on!

In the November 30 Texans vs. Titans game, Texan player Ryan Fitzpatrick threw 358 yards for 6 touchdowns, setting a record for the franchise.

You'd think that would be the big talking point of the postgame press conference, but Fitzpatrick's son Brady winds up stealing the show with his mental math skills (starting about 1 minute into the video):

I'm not sure exactly how long Brady has been performing this feat, but I've found an excellent candidate. It seems that just 10 days before that conference, the Mind Your Decisions blog posted about how to perform this exact feat. You can learn it below, including how to handle numbers in the 80s:

With a little practice, you can multiply numbers like these as quickly as Brady Fitzpatrick. The next step, performing this on TV, is a little trickier, however. However, you can still perform this for your friends and family!

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