Calculate Cube Roots of Perfect Cubes In Your Head!

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purzen's (openclipart.org) thought bubble surrounding David Vignoni's square root icon over Josh Green's (subtlepatterns.com) Old Mathematics patternImagine having someone think of a number from 1 to 100, having them cube the number using a calculator, telling you only the result, and you're able to calculate the cube root of their result (the original number they put in the calculator)!

Learning to work out cube roots of perfect cube is an impressive feat, but it's far less difficult than it appears.

We'll get right to the method, taught in the video below. You can read the MindYourDecisions.coom post New Video – Calculate Cube Roots In Your Head for further details.

Over in the Mental Gym, I have a more detailed tutorial on working out cube roots of perfect cubes, including a cube root quiz.

Back in March of 2013, Scam School also taught the cube root feat in their own unique way. If you like this feat and want to take it a step further, check out Numberphile's fifth root feat tutorial. Surprisingly, this is even easier than the cube root feat!

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