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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureSorry about missing a post last week. It turned out to be a busier weekend for me than I originally planned.

I'm back this week, and I've brought plenty of snippets with me to make up for the missing post!

• Back in September, in DataGenetics' Grid Puzzle post, an intriguing puzzle was posed: Imagine there is a grid of squares. You draw a line connecting one intersection to another intersection on the grid. The question is: How many squares does this line cross through?

The link works through the answer, including an interactive widget which may help you work it out. It turns out that the answer involves only simple arithmetic and being able to work out the greatest common divisor (GCD) of 2 numbers.

If you can work out the GCD of 2 numbers in your head, you can turn this into a mental math presentation. How do you go about that? Math-magic.com has the answer, in both webpage form and PDF form! Page 94 of Bryant Heath's Number Sense Tricks also has some great tips on finding the GCD of 2 numbers in your head.

• Also back in September, I wrote about Knight's Tours on a calendar, and included sample calendars for both September and October 2014. I figured it's time for the November 2014 version, included below. This month, 6 is most date-to-move matches I could find:

OfPad.com seems to have a similar goal to Grey Matters, which is to improve your genius. There's plenty to explore as a result, but I'd like to draw your attention to their Mental Math Tricks posts in particular. There's lots of great tricks, some of which you may not have seen before.

• To wrap up this month's mental math snippets, I'd like to focus on one particular technique for multiplying any two 2-digit numbers together. I've seen this technique before, but the way dominatemath teaches this multiplication technique, it just made so much more sense than the other instructions I've seen for this approach.

That's all for this month's snippets. Have fun exploring them!

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