TYBE Goes Mobile!

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TYBE ScreenshotBIG NEWS: The mobile update to my Train Your Brain and Entertain (TYBE) memory training software is done and tested!

It is now available for sale at Lybrary.com for only $9.99 (a permanent $20 drop in price!). In this post, I'll show you the new look and features of TYBE.

If you previously purchased TYBE from Lybrary.com, the new version is available in your Lybrary.com account already. Simply download the new version.

If you purchased the CD version, contact me with the subject heading "TYBE Update", and in the body, include the first full sentence of the Introduction (The sentence immediately after the "Introduction" and "Benefits of Memory Training" headings), and I'll send it to you at no extra charge. Even if you can't run the old version of TYBE anymore, this can still be found in the Help folder as 001-Introduction.html.

It's important to understand that TYBE is a web app, not a native app. On desktops and laptops, you can place it anywhere and run it in your browser. On mobile devices, it needs to be run from a browser or file app that can store HTML programs, as well as run programs with HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities. More details are available in the ReadMe.txt file included with the program.

When you start it up, you see the main menu, consisting of Support (Manual and Preferences), Basics (basic memory techniques), and Memory Feats. Touching any individual line will take you to the corresponding section:

When you click a technique or a feat, you'll go to a quiz's start page, some of which feature settings (especially under basics).

For example, when you go to numbered lists, you'll see this page:

Starting this particular quiz will show you a numbered list (6 seconds per item), then the list is closed, and you're quizzed on the contents:

Each individual section also has help available in one of two ways. If you're having trouble with the interface, you can select Guided Tour, and an arrow will go through all the features with comments (as shown on the left), or choose the help for the technique itself, and it will jump to a series of pages that will detail the technique (as shown on the right).

More TYBE screenshots can be seen in this slideshow.

Among other features, you can save your own preferences, including Phonetic Alphabet settings (e.g. what letter sounds are represented by the number 8), peg words for the numbers 0 through 99, card peg words, and even a particular card stack. These will remain in the program once set, even if you close your browser and shut off your mobile device.

Since its an HTML program, it should be able to run in any standards-based browser with HTML5 and CSS3 capabilities, preferably with at least 5 MB of browser cache.

For only $9.99, you can buy Train Your Brain and Entertain, and use it to gain a memory that will return that value many times over!

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