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Michael Frink's Mental MathematicsMichael Frink, who developed a great blackjack presentation for the card memory feat in the Mental Gym, is back with more ideas of interest to Grey Matters readers!

This time around, he's developed a complete series of videos to help improve your mental math skills!

The entire set of Michael Frink's Mental Mathematics videos is available on this page.

Here's the first video, which starts you off with basic mental addition techniques:

If, like me, you find that the dark blue color on the blackground is hard to see at smaller resolutions, I suggest watching the videos in full screen mode. Compare the above video to the same video in full screen mode.

Currently, there are 15 videos, and I understand Michael has plans to add more as time goes on. If you're familiar with the more basic techniques, you may wish to jump ahead to ones such as the one dubbed My favorite party trick. If you like the trick for multiplying squares ending in 5, you'll like this one, as well.

Do you have any favorite techniques from this series, or even your own favorite mathematical techniques not covered in this series? If so, let's hear about them in the comments!

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9:16 AM

More mental math tricks here:

8:58 AM

Hey, just now found out that you linked to my videos. I'll be having more coming down the pipe soon, and thank you for alerting me to the problem with the dark blue. In future videos I'll be doing a lighter blue color to make it stand out more.