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Luc Viator's plasma lamp pictureOctober's snippets are here! This time around, there's lots of goodies for those of you interested in memory techniques!

• First, a big thank you to Lifehacker, for linking to Grey Matters in the post How to Quickly Figure Out the Day of the Week Any Date Falls On. Since that link, more than 20,000 new visitors have come to check out this site! The recent broadcast of National Geographic's Brain Games special no doubt helped interest in the subject matter.

• Since my post on the PAO system, I've discovered a great memory technique forum called Mnemotechnics. Actually, Mnemotechnics is much bigger than that, as it includes a memory technique wiki, a blog, custom user journals, and more! For me, though, the chance to engage in a forum with other memory enthusiasts is the heart of the site.

• The Great Courses (originally known as The Teaching Company) has posted a free sample video lecture online, including a download link. It's Dr. Arthur Benjamin giving a 33-minute lecture on How To Memorize Numbers, from the series Secrets of Mental Math. If you haven't already learned the Major/Peg System, this is a great way to start. I've also preserved it over at YouTube, but will take it down when they ask me to do so.

• In my PAO System post, I featured a video of a computer-generated walk-through of a building as a mnemonic, mentioning that it was built using Google Sketchup. If you like this idea, you'll be thrilled to know that it's not hard to use. I've put together a YouTube playlist of example and Sketchup tutorial videos, so you can learn to do this yourself.

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