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Published on Saturday, October 22, 2005 in ,

I'm constantly trying to update Grey Matters not only to make it more useful, but to make it easier to use, as well. Towards that end, I've just finished several changes that will help make it easier to find what you want on this site.

First, the Grey Matters RSS feed has been updated to include the complete text of all the entries of this blog. Originally, each entry in the blog contained just the first sentence or so. Now, using your RSS reader, you can search all of the entries to quickly find what you want!

Clicking on the RSS feed link (or badge on the side), however, and you'll notice immediately that the entries are much harder to read, as there are no breaks between paragraphs.

To help make the news feed itself more readable, I've also added an Atom feed, too. An Atom feed is similar to an RSS feed, but you'll be able to see the entries formatted as they are in the blog itself. Also, the links and graphics in the entries remain intact in the Atom feed!

Because of this improved functionality, I've made the Atom feed the default feed for this site. I will continue to keep both the RSS and Atom feeds updated, and they'll both be easily accessible via their respective buttons in the side column to the right. For those not familiar with these technologies, I've included links to brief introductions right next to them.

If you haven't tried using feeds yet, I suggest you get an RSS and/or Atom feed reader and start experimenting. Why? Most importantly, they help you keep informed as to when your favorite sites (like this one!) are updated. They also make it easy to manage and search all the information within your sites. Many feed readers are available free and are very simple to use, as well.

Ultimately, they make it easy to stay informed while letting you pay attention to only the information that you deem important. With the information explosion caused by the internet, a tool like this can prove truly advantageous.

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