Mind-Boggling Amount of Mind-Boggling

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Prepare to be overwhelmed by sheer numbers. Don't worry, however, I'll at least start slow.

For that matter, I'll even start with a fun cartoon format. First, learn how to count to 1,023 on your fingers, courtesy of HowToons, which features many other fun do-it-yourself projects, as well.

Moving from simple counting to actual problem solving, the Vedic Maths Tutorial teaches 7 amazing procedures for simplifying various types of arithmetic problems with which you may have previously had trouble. Many of the techniques are so simple, the answers are easily done in your head! It even offers practice problems and feedback, so this is a great way to start looking like a math genius today!

Still with me? Good! We're going to start moving a little quicker now...

Our next mind-boggling stop is Cut The Knot: Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles. As you'll see by the index on the side of this page, there are many sections, each containing many explorations into various aspects of mathematics. If the sheer amount of content is too overwhelming, there's also a Java-based banner on the opening page to bring up random facts. This banner, when clicked, will take you to a further explanation of its content. If nothing else, check out the Games and Puzzles section, and learn how math can help you win money from your friends!

Numericana.com is a site that serves as a huge archive of mathematical and numerical facts, as well as a taste of the content of the website creator's upcoming book of the same name (well, not "Numericana.com", just "Numericana"). The Final Answers section is divided into a full table of contents for the brave, and a "most popular" section to help you feel less overwhelmed.

Finally, we arrive at his majesty, MathWorld. MathWorld is a site created by Wolfram Research, the creators of Mathematica (what PhotoShop is to Slashdot geeks, Mathematica is to math geeks), and Mathematica CalcCenter for us mere mortals without a mathematics department in our backyard.

Mathworld contains many explorations of various aspects of mathematics, all demonstrated and/or explained with graphics and results from Mathematica. Of all of the sites listed in this entry, this is the most well-organized and visually stunning of the lot. Even if you don't read or learn a single thing from this site, just explore for the graphics. Besides, if you find a particular graphic that you find beautiful, stunning and/or amazing, you'll have all the more reason to read about the mathematics behind it, won't you?

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