Site Overhaul Complete

Published on Wednesday, October 26, 2005 in ,

I've made many changes to this site. Some are obvious and visible, and others aren't. Working from the noticable changes to the more subtle ones:

* The look of the site is the most noticable change. The previous look was a standard blogger template, and I was beginning to see too many sites that looked like mine. This new look was chosen to make the site stand out more, as well as be more consistent with the feel of the site. Thanks for the new look should go to Blogger Templates.

* Both the Atom and the RSS feed now contain properly formatted and linked text. The feed section of the links column now include explanations of what the feeds are, as well as where to find readers for your system. The Atom feed has been upgraded from Atom 0.3 to Atom 1.0, as well. Simply use whichever feed works and looks better in your reader.

* I have added a "Past Highlights" section to the links column on the right.

* All links on the site now open in the same browser window, unless stated otherwise. This was done to simplify navigation, and make it easier to return to this blog, if you wish.

Now that I'm done straining my brain to improve this site's look and function, we return to training and straining your brain!

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