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United States map done with license platesHere in the US, the kids are now back in school, and we have an election coming up in less than a month, so it seems like a good time to learn about memorizing the basic facts about the United States of America.

Instead of writing a post about memorizing states, capitals and presidents, though, I decided it was time to add a new page to the Mental Gym, called Memorize United States of America Facts.

In this new section, you'll learn to memorize all the US Presidents, the US states and their capitals, as well as the US Constitution Preamble and all the amendments.

Each of these sub-sections includes links, videos, quizzes, and more to provide you with several different ways to learn, and help make it easier.

I'm a big proponent of memorization together with understanding, so there is also a Learn More... section, with links where you can learn more about USA history and geography.

Try out the new section, and let me know what you think! Any suggestions you have are appreciated, too.

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