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LinksIt's a new year, so let's go out and find some new and different links!

• OK, this one is kind of old, but it does involve new links. The holiday hiatus of Mind Your Decisions is over, and Presh is back posting. Besides new game theory links, some good lessons on handling money, which is perfect for money-related New Year's resolutions!

• It's time to meet new people, and I'd like to introduce you to a very smart young man named Wyatt, who will turn 7 this year. Over in TJICistan, Wyatt is the resident child prodigy. At 6, he could already square numbers in his head, perform modular arithmetic, and even learn algebra and organic chemistry! Which reminds me, guess what Wyatt's favorite Christmas present was? I suggest you keep an eye on this sharp young man.

• How about trying some new puzzles? Based on a game of the same name, check out the Java-based Tantrix puzzles. At first, the challenge is simply to create loops of a single color with the given tiles. Later, there are further challenges added, such as more tiles and the requirement that all edges match in color.

• Here's a new eye-opener for you: Remember those 3½-inch disks? The picture of the 3½-inch disk in this article is too large to store on one of those disks! This also inspired TJIC to ponder the old 5¼-inch disks, which could only hold about ¾ of a second of your average MP3! As another good visualization of progress, check out both of these 1 GB storage mediums, from 20 years apart. Consider that you can now store 32GB in the same space as that small card, too.

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