Fibonacci Meets Dr. Benjamin

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Procsilas Moscas' number grid pictureIf you watched even part of Dr. Arthur Benjamin's lecture in my previous post, you get an idea of the kind of joy and enthusiasm he has for mathematics.

In this post, we feature another new video from Dr. Benjamin, focusing only on Fibonacci numbers. This video is only about 6-7 minutes long, so you can enjoy it even if you couldn't find time to watch the complete video in my previous post.

This video is titled Arthur Benjmain: The Magic of Fibonacci Numbers, and is available on YouTube, as well as TED.com:

The presentation you see behind him in this video was created on Prezi.com, and Dr. Benjamin has made it freely available to view there. If you're viewing this on an Apple mobile device, the presentation can be viewed more effectively via Prezi's free apps.

Here on Grey Matters, we have a healthy respect for the magic and fun Fibonacci numbers make possible. Back in 2010, I posted about the classic Fibonacci addition trick, and other fun with phi. A little less than a year later, Scam School featured the same trick. Playing around with it on my own, I even found a little-used way to expand the routine to a list of any length!

Fibonacci numbers have even found their way into Nim, a favorite game here on Grey Matters. There's Fibonacci Nim, which is the standard take-away game with new rules that let you win with your knowledge of Fibonacci numbers. The Corner The Lady version of Wythoff's Nim is probably the most deceptive use of Fibonacci numbers.

In a post a little over a year ago about the principle behind the classic Age Cards magic trick, there's even a James Grime video showing the Age Cards set up with Fibonacci numbers instead of the standard binary approach!

Take some time to explore and play with these magical numbers, and your time will be well rewarded!

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