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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureNovember's snippets are ready, and they're chock full of some amazing and fun ways to get involved with math!

• If you enjoyed the recent Arthur Benjamin posts from MAA, It's All About The Benjamin and Fibonacci Meets Dr. Benjamin, you should know they have plenty more!

This includes Dr. Benjamin on how to square 2- and 3-digit numbers in your head (below) and an interesting little side story about how he discovered this principle on his own, even before learning algebra!

Among the other interesting goodies on their YouTube channel is James Tanton's Curriculum Inspirations, which feature challenging math puzzles. James Tanton helps you get started on these puzzles, and then encourages you to solve them on your own.

• Vi Hart, a longtime Grey Matteras favorite, has released a new video titled How I Feel About Logarithms. It's an intuitive and holistic look at logarithms that is probably quite different from any approach to the topic that you've seen before. Compare it to, say, the more linear (but still intuitive) approach used in BetterExplained.com's Using Logs In The Real World post, or Steve Kelly's Logarithms, explained.

• A while back, there was a company which produced a DVD series titled Total Breeze Mathematics. Their videos on memory and math shortcuts, which they made available for free on YouTube, were visual and very clear. Their company website and videos quickly disappeared, but fortunately there were those who managed to save the videos and have since reposted them. I've gathered them in their original order, and put them in a YouTube playlist, so you can enjoy them once again.

There are some parts missing, though. There was a 3-minute section on multiplying vertically and crosswise in one video. This can be replaced by viewing the Math Tutor videos on multiplying any 2 digit numbers, multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit, multiplying 3 digits by 2 digits, and multiplying 3 digits by 3 digits.

There's also a section on memorizing numbers that isn't included on the playlist. This free video by Dr. Benjamin on memorizing numbers covers the same technique.

• From 2007-2010, there used to be a magazine called iSquared, which focused on the interesting ways in which mathematics applied to the real world. Originally, it required a subscription, but the entire run of 12 issues has now been made available online for free! This is not only a fun read, but can also help you answer questions such as when you're going to use a particular math technique in the real world!

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2 Response to Even More Quick Snippets

11:37 PM

Do you have DVD still?
If you do please give me full disk contents.
I have studied all videos from YouTube, but it's not enough for me.
I must to see all of TotalBreeze.

2:09 PM

Unfortunately, I don't have the DVD. Everything you see on the YouTube playlist is all I know of them.