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Normal brain scanOne of the basic, yet most useful, of all memory techniques is the Major System, a method of turning numbers into easily-recalled images.

While there is a bit of practice involved when initially learning it, once you have the system down, it's quite easy to use. I always keep an eye out for new tutorials on the Major System, and I've just found a new video series that teaches it quite well.

The series was recently posted by YouTube user WatchYouTublerone. First, he starts with the basic building blocks of the Major System:

There are several videos which follow this basic videos, each of which teach a group of 10 images built from the basics of the Major System. For example, here's the video for images from 0 to 9:

I've added all of these videos to the Major System YouTube playlist. In addition, there's also a special video for the numbers 00-09, for use as the ending numbers of 3 or more digit numbers, such as 100, 101, and so on.

Once you've got these basics down, WatchYouTublerone then teaches how to expand the Major System by combining it with the Memory Palace System:

I've added this video to the Loci/Journey/Roman Room playlist, where you can learn more about this technique.

Try learning these techniques, and then explore the rest of this Grey Matters site for an astounding number of uses for it!

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