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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureThose of you in the US are probably spending Mother's Day honoring your mom, so I'll just sneak a wide variety of snippets in today, and you can check them out later.

• Jan Van Koningsveld, along with Robert Fountain, has released a new book that will be of interest to Grey Matters readers, titled, The Mental Calculator's Handbook (Amazon link). If you're not familiar with Jan Van Koningsveld, he was able to identify the day of the week for 78 dates in 1 minute at the World Memoriad. I haven't had a chance to read this book myself yet, but his reputation does suggest the book is worthwhile.

• Starting back in 2008, I kept track of assorted online timed quizzes, the type of quizzes that ask you how many Xs you can name in Y minutes. I found these so fun, useful, and challenging, I even developed my own timed quiz generator, and even posted several original timed quizzes created with it. However, sporcle.com, home to numerous timed quizzes (despite starting out as a sports forecasting site) has gone and outdone this. Not only can you create your own timed quizzes, you can also embed them on your own site now! Find a quiz you like, for example, this landlocked states quiz, go down to the info box below the quiz, and click on Embed Quiz. A pop-up will ask whether you want a wide or narrow window (minimum width is 580 pixels), and you will be given the proper embed code, which can be used in a manner similar to YouTube embed codes.

• For those of you who do the Fitch-Cheney card trick, as taught on Scam School or YouTube, Larry Franklin has posted a simple tutorial on using Excel to practice this routine. As long as you understand your favorite spreadsheet program well enough, it's also not hard to adapt. It will take a while to create in the first place, but once it's ready, it's fairly easy to use.

• One of the most useful card memory feats to learn is memorizing basic blackjack strategy. Over in reddit's LearnUselessTalents section, user Tommy_TSW posted an interesting approach for memorizing this using your favorite video game, movie, or TV characters. Basically, you create a battle scenario for every possible situation, and when the various cards come up, you simply recall the corresponding battle (and result). Depending on the particular variation of blackjack you're playing, basic strategy can change, so you might want to calculate the right moves using basic strategy calculators at places like Wizard of Odds or Online-Casinos.

Fans of the game Nim will enjoy this online version, playable even on all mobile devices. It's standard Nim, meaning that the last person to remove a card is the winner. It's simple, straightforward, and a good way to practice solo.

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