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Scam School logoOur old friend Scam School is back for a visit!

This week's episode features some ingenious match puzzles in which Grey Readers readers may have an advantage.

Let's get right to the episode. Besides finding it below, it's available on the Scam School site, as well as YouTube. Stop the video, and try and figure out the first one:

If you've read through Grey Matters enough, the first puzzle is effectively one of the strategies you learn for playing Notakto (Part 2 here). See if you can use just that knowledge to help in solving it.

The 2nd puzzle uses just the matches (straws, actually, in the video). Try and give it time. As you'll see in the video, some people come agonizingly close to the solution without realizing it. If you like this type of puzzle, check out these other match puzzles at Puzzles.com, including the Three Squares puzzle.

As seen in the video, it is possible for people to figure out these puzzles, so be ready to pay up if you've bet on them not finding the solution. Take a closer look at the game of Notakto (linked above), if you're looking for something a little more surefire. You can also widen your arsenal of match puzzles with the Puzzles.com link, so have fun exploring!

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