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Photo of Colm MulcahyTo the math students of Spelman College, he's simply known as Colm Mulcahy. On the internet, however, he's better known as Card Colm.

It's a well-earned nickname, as he's been examining and creating principles of mathematical magic in his MAA column since October 2004!

If you're not familiar with Card Colm's column, you can find an index to all of the columns here. Up through June 2011, the columns are hosted on the Mathematical Association of America's (MAA) own site, and the columns after that are hosted on Colm Mulcahy's blogspot site.

Regular Grey Matters readers will recognize Colm from his G4G10 lecture I posted back in April. For those who need an introduction to his work, however, this video will give you a quick idea of his style:

At this writing, his newest column is titled Gilbreeath Shuuffling (pronounced gil-BREEATH SHOE-fling), and focuses on original routines for the classic Gilbreath Shuffle principle involving guessing the orders of suits.

The column before that, Something Old, Something True, Something Borrowed, Something New focuses on the poker deal taught in the first video in my 2010 Cheating At Poker post.

Besides his own original takes on each routine, one of the best things about Colm's work is that he is very detailed in his resources, so you know where to learn more. For example, there's plenty of Martin Gardner-inspired works among them.

As a matter of fact, between the search engine here on Grey Matters, Colm Mulcahy's columns, and their references, you should be able to grasp the basics of any principle, follow Colm's original variations, and then start creating your own variations! You can follow his latest routines on Twitter as @CardColm.

With the links above and a deck of cards in your hand, you're equipped to amaze yourself and other. Start exploring and have fun!

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