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LinksDo you want some March snippets? If so, here they are!

• In the previous edition of Snippets, I reported on Memgellan (iTunes Link), an iPhone/iPod Touch app that helps you arrange journeys for the Journey System of memory.

Since then, I've found 2 apps that help with using the Major/Peg System. The first is Your Memory Coach (iTunes Link), which teaches you the basics of the major system, helps you set up your own keywords, and quizzes you on them. The other app is NumberThink (iTunes Link), which is more of a reference that can both help you learn how to form words from any number, and numbers from any word.

Ben Pridmore, who won the 2009 World Memory Championships, has no problem sharing the particular memory systems he uses to win. On this memory consulting page he describes his system briefly, while it's described in more detail on this archived page. You can see video of Ben Pridmore in action at last year's memory championships here, and describing how he memorized multiple decks of cards here. Follow Ben Pridmore's own blog here.

• For a while, I've had Robert H. Nutt's book How To Remember Names and Faces available on my online store for $19.95. If want to learn to remember names and faces, but you'd like it for a lower price and/or prefer a digital copy, your wish is my command! It's now available at Lybrary.com for $12 in downloadable PDF format!

• I just recently visited a Learning is Fun store for the first time. While there, I picked up some days and months signs that should help add a visual punch to the Day of the Week For Any Date feat.

I also found an interesting product called Mathematical Curiosities, which is basically 4 mathematical magc trick. There's 5 dice which work in the same manner as the prices in Mental Shopper, a version of the classic Age Cards, a numerical version of Dan Harlan's Missing Think, and 4 addition bars which are perfect for the Dicipher Bars routine from Docc Hilford's Book Of Numbers Volume Two (Qebhsennuf).

• Next Sunday, besides being Pi Day and Grey Matters' 5th blogiversary (can you believe it?), it's also the occasion for a special Pi Day magic trick on Twitter! James Grime, known to many of you as singingbanana, gives the details in the video below. You can find out more about this at http://pidaymagic.com, http://twitter.com/jamesgrime, and http://twitter.com/shwood.

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