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LinksToday's entry is both late and short, because I have a surprise I'm developing for those of you who enjoy memory training and have an iPhone. What is it? I'll tell you when it's ready.

Instead of me surprising you with memory techniques, this edition of Snippets will focus on you surprising yourself with math techniques.

• Misha Lemeshko challenges us to solve “the greatest math problem ever”. This is one of those problems that children who haven't entered school yet can solve effortlessly, yet adults find fiendishly difficult. Maybe not all adults would find this difficult, though. I'd imagine anyone who is a Potentate of the Rose wouldn't take too long to solve it.

• Here's 10 Easy Arithmetic Tricks, courtesy of Listverse. Some of these, I've taught on the blog, but not all of them. I can honest say I've found all of them useful in real-world situations at one time or another, and usually impressed several people as a bonus!

• Not that the links in the post don't already have a healthy dose of silliness, but I'd like to round this out with a particular brand of silliness. David Letterman's Top 10 Lists are, of course, a comedy staple. Here's one of the strangest editions of it which I've ever run across: David Letterman's Top 10 Favorite Numbers from 1 to 10, as built up by Casey Kasem!

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