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I enjoy finding new mnemonics for things I didn't know about before. My Timed Quiz Mnemonics post was fun to research for that very reason. Having found some great new sources, I though I'd share them with you.

We'll start off with a whole host of mnemonics over at Mnemonic Devices. Many of the mnemonics here I've run across in other sources, such as the rhyme for remembering the Kings and Queens of England. However, there are also plenty of mnemonics that are completely new to me, including the hierarchy of winning poker hands. Living in Vegas, you'd think I would've run across this before. This is one of the best mnemonic collection sites I've run across since Memoria Technica.

One specific mnemonic I hadn't run across before was the US Constitution Song from the 1993 movie Born Yesterday. It's sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas. If you add this to Schoolhouse Rock's songs about the Preamble and how a bill becomes a law, you could have an excellent constitutional lesson!

Do you use the Major/Peg System to remember numbers? If so, you've probably had the occasional trouble trying to find a good word to use for a certain number. Thankfully, the Phonetic Mnemonic Major Memory System Keyword Database is here to help! You just enter a number, and it will give you a list of words that can be used for that number. For example, if you enter 42 into it, you get 39 different keywords to use, such as Iran, arena, rain and runaway (which I never would have come up with on my own).

If you take your mnemonics to the next level, and actually use them in performance, then you might want to join Bob Miller's Memory Performers Association. You may remember Bob Miller from my mention of him in the January snippets column. The association already was just started recently, and yet already has its own facebook page. I do thank Bob for his gracious links to the Grey Matters site on the association page.

Do you have any favorite mnemonics you'd like to share? I'd like to hear about them, and especially how useful you've found them, so leave a note in the comments!

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9:12 AM

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5:22 AM

I myself use the following website to remember numbers using the major system. It's database is really huge.