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Scott's PuzzlesAs I've been adding new features to this site, I've often developed ideas for puzzles and quizzes that I could never really justify as part of Grey Matters. Many of these ideas have just been sitting on my hard drive, without a place to go on the web. As of this week, that is no longer the case!

I've started a new blog called Scott's Puzzles. This new blog's entries will feature interactive puzzles, quizzes, and other challenges, and will usually focus on current events. Scott's Puzzles isn't meant to be part of Grey Matters, and has its own look and feel.

To give you and idea of what this blog is about, check out my first posts, concerning (in chronological order) Obama choosing his running mate, the Top 10 Olympic Medal Winning Countries, the DNC convention in Denver, and Obama's official nomination as the Democratic nominee (regular readers might recognize this last puzzle from my US Presidential Candidate Puzzles post).

Don't worry, I'm not abandoning Grey Matters. I'm just adding another outlet for my puzzle ideas.

There are not only many more puzzles to come, but also many more kinds of puzzles to come, as well!

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