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BrainsBack when I first mentioned the ProProfs site in early 2007, it was starting out as a quiz and flashcard site geared towards serious scholastic subjects. Their SAT preparation section, for example, remains as one of the most impressive collection of quizzes, flashcards, and other material.

Over the year since my last ProProfs update, the site has grown a great deal. I'm very impressed with the change!

First, the site now allows quizzes on anything. Yes, you can still study for everything from school subjects like geography, all the way up to Microsoft Certification exams, but it's not just academic anymore. You can create quizzes and flashcards for any purpose!

Want to challenge your friends to see if the can match oscar-winning actors to the right movies? You can do that. Maybe you just want to know whether they're smarter than a 5th-grader, or which social network they are.

True, there are a lot of sites out there that let you create quizzes, but the academic origins of ProProfs actually helped to make its quizzes sturdier, and more powerful than most. Even if you're using it for fun, you still have a strong, flexible interface which helps develop your quiz/flashcard, and suit it to your needs.

In my previous update, I mentioned they had taken my suggestion (well, the suggestion of me, and probably hundreds of other people), and added an embed code feature, so that you could put it right onto your web page. Now, they've taken that idea to a whole new level! Take a look at the Share & Discuss this Quiz section, at the bottom of this Which Operating System Are You? quiz.

Just above the embed code, there's a customize link which allows you to determine the title, description, and even color combinations of the quiz! Don't like the standard color combinations offered at the bottom? Click more options to select any RGB color combination for the background, foreground and title! If you're worried about how to exactly post it to your blog or social network page, simply click the post button, select where you're sending it, provide your log-in information, and they'll do it for you!

It's also easy to share the link via e-mail, or save it to your choice of social bookmarking sites (digg, reddit, del.icio.us, etc.). The Options area, though, is where this really shines. It's easy to leave comments about a quiz, but also see statistics about quiz results (even statistics for individual questions), and reports about individual quiz-takers (yes, I'm the Scott from Las Vegas who took the quiz on Aug. 31).

Whether or not you took a look at ProProfs when I originally mentioned it, I suggest that you give it another look now. ProProfs is definitely becoming a stand-out quiz site!

(Hmm . . . maybe I need to look at redesigning some site features at Grey Matters . . .)

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12:11 PM

Thanks Scott for the write up. You are right - ease of sharing especially through embed has been a core focus area for the new version. You were one of initial users who gave the suggestion for building the embed capability that has now much evolved. Like always, we will be listing intently for your feedback or that from the readers of Grey Matters Blog.

7:57 AM