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LinksIt's time to challenge your memory again!

Did you practice naming all 50 states in 10 minutes, as mentioned in my post on memorizing the states? Here's a more visual version of the same game. In this version, once you name a state, it's labeled on a visual map. If you get stuck, you can look at the unlabeled states for help.

Sporcle, which hosts this game, also has a state capital quiz and many other games, too! I never got into sports, so until I put the time in and apply the Major System to the Super Bowl winners, I probably won't be doing too well at this game.

Perhaps these are too simple, as there are only 50 states and 41 Super Bowl winners. Moving up the challenge, how about naming all 192 countries that are members of the UN? Oh, and there's no map to give you a hint.

Of course, over time, you could conceivably apply the various memory techniques you've learned here to master these games. All the previous ones require mastery of lists that can done over time. How about memory games in which you have a limited time to remember and recall?

First, there's Zyrx. It's a strange name, but a simple and addicting game. You're briefly shown a pattern of white dots on a small board. Once the small pattern disappears, you have to re-create the pattern on the bigger board. It's thanks to this game that today's post is so late.

I've mentioned it before, but it bears mentioning again. The ultimate version of the memorize quickly and then recall quickly genre would be the World Memory Challenge. Here, you're not only playing to get a score, but playing against people from all over the world.

If you do well on this test, you may want to try competing in the World Memory Championships!

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