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Train Your Brain and EntertainBy far, the most popular item in the Grey Matters Store is the Train Your Brain and Entertain memory training software. If you've wanted to improve your memory, but you're not sure whether you want to buy it, I have the answer for you!

Train Your Brain and Entertain is now available in a free version, called TYBE Lite! As with the original, it is available in both a Mac OS X version and a Windows version. These downloadable links will always available in the Downloads section in the rightmost column, between the Blog Archives and Video sections.

With the free version, you can learn how to memorize lists in order, including words that are hard to remember, learn the phonetic alphabet (a method for visualizing numbers), and learn to memorize long numbers. The preferences pane for the phonetic alphabet are also included, so if you learned a different version of the phonetic alphabet, you can customize the software to use that version. Each section also includes full help documentation that will teach both the corresponding memory technique and the use of the interface.

Another free way to get an idea of the full version is to watch the Mac OS X slideshow or the Windows slideshow (Flash required). The full version includes additional sections, such as:

* Memorizing lists of up to 100 objects
* Memorizing lists in and out of order
* Learn the classic Knight's Tour
* Memorizing 400 digits of Pi
* Learn to give the day of the week for any date
* Memorizing playing cards, including an entire stack!

The full version also includes several free bonuses:

* A 400-digit printable "Pi Chart"
* A printable 8400-year perpetual calendar, useful for the Calendar Memory feat
* A detailed 43-page list of resources where you can find out more about memory feats and tips

The full version is available both as a CD-ROM and a downloadable version, and is available for only $29.95. Both full versions include all the features and bonuses.

Try out TYBE Lite today. The only thing you have to lose is a poor memory!

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