This Is Your Brain On Gawker Media

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LifehackerAttention, Brain Gang! Over at the various Gawker Media sites there have been numerous posts which should pique your interest.

* From Lifehacker: You can put your short term memory to the test. If you're worried about how you did, you can find 10 ways to keep your memory strong.

They also recently discussed a study suggesting that you can improve your memory with your eyes.

Would you like to learn a new language? Lifehacker shows you how to find podcasts that teach you a new language!

If you just want to learn anything, including a language, you can find 77 ways to learn faster, better and deeper. You could also try collaborative mind mapping with MindMeister.

If you like Sudoku puzzles, learn how to solve them!

* From Kotaku: The European release of More Brain Training in June is discussed. This is the sequel to the popular Brain Age game.

They also have screenshots from Big Brain Academy for the Wii.

* From Gizmodo: Learn while you're on the toilet with Brain Training Toilet Paper.

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