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LinksHere's some quick snippets from around the web that regular readers may enjoy:

* After a pizza parlor made an error, they made another offer to make it up to their patrons. Unfortunately for the restaurant, their patrons used geometry to figure out it was a bad deal. Who knew geometry and pizza could work so well together? Oh, yes, I did!

* Grey Matters favorite Arthur Benjamin has a 4-DVD (or 2-Transcript) set out called Joy of Mathematics. It's a set of 24 lectures focusing on making mathematics less frightening, and it's a bargain at $69.95, especially when it's normally $254.95!

* Richard Wiseman, who has been on here performing a magic square, has a new video featuring an amazing color change. Try and catch it if you can!

* In Apple's newest batch of I'm a Mac, and I'm a PC ads, the Apple Genius shows how much of a genius she truly is. This is my kind of woman!

* Speaking of genius women, here are some real-life celebrity women with high IQs. This list neglects several notable women, such as Danica McKellar (Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper) and MENSA member Geena Davis, but it's still a great read nonetheless.

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