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brainRobert H. Nutt's 1943 book, How to Remember Names and Faces: How to Develop a Good Memory, is now available online for free!

Despite the name, this book is not only about remembering names and faces. It's actually about developing a better memory overall. It's divided into two main sections, The Mental Filing System, containing 20 chapters, and How To Remember Names And Faces, containing 13 chapters.

Instead of teaching the standard Peg System, his approach for numbers involves objects, most of which are easily associated with their numbers. 13, for example, is easily associated with floor, since most of us have heard that many hotels won't have a 13th floor. Also, these pegs are taught over many chapters, so that you learn them and use them more effectively.

The section on remembering names and faces is one of the most thorough I've seen. If you've read works on remembering names and faces before, much of the advice will seem familiar, but there are a wider variety of techniques here.

One of the best things about this book, beyond just the memory training itself, is the frequent use of rich anecdotes. These really drive home the power of a trained memory, as well as the disadvantages of an untrained memory.

According to the home page, this ebook will only be free for a limited time, so you may wish to download and save it. It should be available longer than the previous free memory ebook, however.

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4 Response to Free Memory eBook!

3:59 PM


Is there a file to download, or do I have to save each page separately?


10:23 AM

Unfortunately, there's no single file to download. The only way to save it is to save each page separately.

5:36 PM

What about a PDF version of the memory ebook?

8:56 PM

On a Mac, you could save each page as a PDF from the "Print Menu", and then put them together in one file using "Preview".

I'm not sure how you would do this on a Windows machine, but I do know the Windows freeware is out there to achieve this same end.