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brainI've discovered yet another site to add to my list of free online memory tools. The site is called ProProfs, whose focus is free high quality education. While they offer a wide variety of educational tools on their site, readers of this site will find their QuizSchool and Flashcards sections especially interesting.

With the Flashcards section, you create simple two-sided flashcards, which you can then quiz yourself and share with others. When the Quiz starts, you can decide whether to have the cards shuffled, or presented in their original order. During the quiz, you can switch which side is displayed first, as well as mark cards for review later. To get a better idea of the self-explanatory interface, try quizzing yourself on the U.S. states and capitals.

QuizSchool is more advanced, but is still easy to use. As you'll see in my simple Pi Digit Quiz, you can have both fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions, and your score is kept automatically.

While you have to register to create your own flashcards and quizzes, registration is free. It's easy to let anyone take the tests, as no registration is required. All you have to do is provide a link. The process of creating the quizzes and flashcards is easy and straightforward, with plenty of assistance right in the interface itself.

It's even possible to add your quizzes and flashcards to your own website. You will need to be familiar with the use of the IFRAME tag to add the quiz to your web page. Used properly, you'll get a result like this:

Unfortunately, there is no simple embed code box, like the ones you find on video sites. However, you can make it easier for people to add your quiz or flashcard to their site by providing the code, as I've done on the last page of the Pi Digit Quiz.

If you've been looking for adding a little more interactivity to your site, I definitely recommend checking out ProProfs' Flashcards and QuizSchool sections!

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