New Look for Grey Matters

Published on Saturday, March 04, 2006 in ,

Ever since I realized that Grey Matters' 1-year blogiversary was drawing closer, I've been putting some heavy thought into redesigning the site.

You now see the final result before you! Both the blog and the Mental Gymnasium have been updated to this look.

There wasn't that much wrong with the old one, but I felt it wore itself out quicker than I expected. Also, I received more than a few comments about links being hard to differentiate from the normal text. Hopefully, the new look is easier to read, and the links are easier to see.

Some very special thanks should go to freetemplates.blogspot.com for the template, and cooltext.com for their help in creating the new logo.

Personally, I already like the new look, but I'm probably biased. What do you think?

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