Two Weeks to Pi Day!

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ThinkGeekIt's exactly two weeks until the most important day of the year for geeks - Pi Day, Einstein's birthday and the Grey Matters one-year blogiversary! For those who may not fully understand it, here is the Wikipedia article on Pi Day for a better explanation.

ThinkGeek.com is getting ready in a big way! If you do a search there for either "Einstein" or "314159", you'll see all they offer to help prepare for the big day.

Update (3/2/06): To help you get ready for Pi Day, there is now a sale on over at the Grey Matters Online Store through March 14th! Simply spend US$40 or more at the store, enter the code MARCH4 during the checkout process, and you'll save US$4 on your purchases! For example, purchasing the Train Your Brain and Entertain software and a pack of eight 400-Digit Pi Challenge Postcards would normally total US$47.90, but you can now get them together for only US$43.90! Remember, this sale only goes on through Pi Day (3/14)!

Grey Matters readers apparently know enough to prepare in ways even they may not be aware that they were. When checking my Site Meter log this morning, I couldn't help but notice the average time readers like you spend on this site:

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