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I hinted in this post, that I had a major upcoming announcement, and here it is!

Today, I am announcing the release of my new software, Train Your Brain and Entertain! It is available for both Mac OS X and Windows.

Train Your Brain and Entertain is my new software program that teaches memory technique.

You'll learn these memory skills:

* Memorizing lists in order

* Memorizing difficult, abstract words

* Memorizing numbers of any length

* Memorizing lists out of order

Because I believe that using your memory should be fun as well as functional, I've also included some fun demonstrations you can perform with your improved memory:

* Blindfolded Knight's Tour

* Memorizing 400 Digits of Pi

* Calendar Memory - Being able to give the day of the week for any date (handy for meetings and appointments!)

* Memorizing playing cards, including an entire stack!

Help with these techniques, or with using the program itself, is never more than a single button-click away in any part of the program. Clicking "Help"in any section takes you to context-sensitive help window, which can be browsed or searched to help you find what you want.

To help personalize your memory training, the program preferences can be modified to your liking. Setting up your own personal key words and letter arrangements is a great help if you have previous experience with memory training.

Also included are some special bonuses to help you take your memory farther:

* A printable 400-digit "Pi Chart", for the Pi Memory feat

* My MemoryEffects.pdf list

* A printable 8400-year perpetual calendar, useful for the Calendar Memory feat

* For Mac OS X Tiger users, I'm also including the Grey Matters Dashboard widget!

So that you can get a better idea of the look and feel, I've set up some screenshots of both the Mac OS X version (slideshow or individual slides) and the Windows version (slideshow or individual slides).

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4 Response to NEW RELEASE: Train Your Brain and Entertain

9:45 PM

I'm about to enroll in a series of computer courses: C#, ASP .NET, and XML. A lot of it is going to be unfamiliar territory and I will need to grasp it fairly quickly to get work as a technical writer.
Is your memory system or training program valuable for improving my memory for this purpose? Will it teach me means to create mental links for new words and ideas?


Brian C.

4:16 PM


The techniques taught in the first half of my Train Your Brain and Entertain software are general purpose mnemonic techniques that will help to memorize almost anything. Considering your computer curriculum, you'll probably find the 2nd section, which teaches a way to familiarize yourself with words that are abstract and hard to remember. Being able to memorize lists and important numbers quickly and easily (with regular pratice, since you are attending classes!) will also probably be of great help, too.

Without knowing the structure of the courses you're taking, I can't say exactly how it will be of help, but as the techniques are very flexible in how they can be applied, I can reasonably state that they should help to make your studying much more effective.


11:47 AM

When I click on the link labeled Windows I get a 404 page at CafePress.

How do I get the Windows version and how much is it?


11:40 AM

You can now get the Train Your Brain and Entertain 2 ways:

Physical CD: http://www.cafepress.com/greymatters/1256193

As an immediate download: http://www.lybrary.com/train-your-brain-entertain-p-379.html

In both cases, make sure you're selecting the appropriate version for your operating system (OS X or Windows).

Either version goes for $29.95.