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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureFebruary's snippets are here. Thanks to some old favorites, and some new favorites, we have a good selection to share with you this month.

• Just 2 days ago was Friday the 13th, so MindYourDecision.com's Presh Talwalkar decided it was a good time to teach how to divide by 13 in your head:

This is a handy technique, and you really only need to learn how to do this up to 12, which isn't too difficult.

If you'd like to learn similar tricks for dividing by 2 through 15, check out the Instant Decimalization of Common Fractions video.

• Like me, Presh seems to have plenty of fun with mental math techniques. Here's a mathematical magic trick of sorts, in which you apparently divine a crossed out digit:

Are you curious as to why this works? Presh has a detailed proof on his blog.

For those who are worried that just multiplying by 9 may seem too obvious, scroll down to the end of my Age Guessing: Looking at the Roots post. The section entitled “Sneakier ways of getting to a multiple of 9” has several useful and clever ways to disguise the method.

• IFLScience just posted 21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts. More than a few of these will be familiar to regular Grey Matters readers. Many are from LucasVB's tumblr gallery, and others are from videos I've shared over the years. Nevertheless, it's nice having all these in one place.

• Steve Sobek, who has a wide variety of videos on his YouTube channel, has recently made several mental math-related videos that are worth checking out. For example, here's his video teaching a trick for mentally subtracting large numbers:

You can find more of his mental math tricks at AmysFlashcards.com.

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