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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureThe first snippets of 2015 are ready!

This time around, I have some clever and fun approaches to math to share. I think you'll be surprised by them, even (or especially) if you don't usually like math.

• This January marks the 28th anniversary of Square One TV, an educational program that taught math with the use of skits, songs, and other fun approaches. While it's not on TV anymore, YouTube user Anton Spivack has been making full episodes available. I've been gathering them together in playlists by season if you want to experience this show for yourself:

Square One TV: Season 1
Square One TV: Season 2
Square One TV: Season 3
Square One TV: Season 4
Square One TV: Season 5
Square One TV: Mathnet

• While I'm thinking about YouTube channels, check out Funza Academy's site, as well as their YouTube channel. Being interested in math shortcuts, I especially enjoy their Math Concepts and Tricks playlist, as it teaches some impressive math shortcuts, including rapidly multiplying any 2-digit numbers together!

• Magic Cafe user RedDevil, author of the RedDevil Mentalism blog, recently shared a great tip for my Day One routine. Day One is my approach to minimizing the work required for the classic Day of the Week For Any Date feat.

RedDevil took this one step further by pointing out that you don't need to remember all the year information I teach in there. Instead, you can only memorize just the leap years, and move 1, 2, or 3 days forward as you go 1, 2, or 3 years ahead respectively.

If you have Day One, you'll understand this. If you don't have Day One, it's still available for only $9.99! If you're a member of the Magic Cafe with at least 50 qualifying posts, you can read his tip in more detail in RedDevil's original thread.

Yes, the snippets are short and sweet this month, but there's still plenty to explore in these links if you take the time to learn and enjoy them!

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