Tackle That Math Problem!

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MariaDroujkova's photo of James TantonHave you ever been stumped by a math puzzle or problem?

Mathematician James Tanton understands that feeling, and he's designed an entire course to help you attack those seemingly impossible challenges!

I've mentioned James Tanton before (see previous mentions here), especially in the context of his Curriculum Inspirations video puzzles.

On the main Curriculum Inspirations page, he's included a useful list of 10 strategies for attacking such problems. They're taught as essays, such as this one for Strategy #1: Engage in Successful Flailing.

Recently, however, James Tanton has begun creating more lively video explanations of each strategy. Much of the advice can also apply to many real-world problems, as well. Check them out below:

Strategy #1: Engage in Successful Flailing

Strategy #2: Do Something

Strategy #3: Engage in Wishful Thinking

Strategy #4: Draw a Picture

Strategy #5: Solve a Smaller Version of the Same Problem

Strategy #6: Eliminate Incorrect Choices

Strategy #7: Perseverance is Key

Strategy #8: Second-Guess the Author

Strategy #9: Avoid Hard Work

Strategy #10: Go to Extremes

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