Dots Crazy!

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Scam School logoIn their recent 311th episode, Scam School featured an interesting scam that warrants a closer look.

After all, there's nothing fairer than a game board consisting solely of dots, right?

Check out Scam School's 311th episode, and see how fair it comes across versus the sneaky approach behind the game:

That's amazing and sneaky, but how would you even go about working out the math behind it?

Never fear, because Numberphile is about to come to the rescue! In a recently posted video, they take a look at a similar type of game called Brussel Sprouts. The math behind it is less complicated than you may expect:

As many regular Grey Matters readers realize, I love it when something fun like this can lead to a better understanding of the math behind it.

According to the above video, we can also expect a more detailed video about the Euler characteristic mentioned in this video. You can also find out more about Brussels Sprouts and other dot games in Martin Gardner's books Mathematical Carnival and The Colossal Book of Mathematics.

Have fun and play around with these games. You never know what else you may learn!

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