Fifth Root Feat

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purzen's (openclipart.org) thought bubble surrounding David Vignoni's square root icon over Josh Green's (subtlepatterns.com) Old Mathematics patternIt's time to train and strain your brain to entertain!

This time around, we're going to take another look at finding 5th roots. Imagine having someone choose a secret number x, multiplying it by itself a total of 5 times, as in x × x × x × x × x, giving you only the answer, and you're able to work out what the original number x!

It was almost a year ago when Scam School covered how to do cube roots in your head. If you practiced that, you may still be worried about handling 5th roots.

Surprisingly, doing 5th roots in your head is actually easier! Numberphile, with some help from Simon Pampena, explains the process in the following video:

Want to practice this feat for yourself? I have a detailed tutorial on working out 5th roots in your head along with a 5th root quiz designed to help you master this feat. Michael Daniel's Mind Magician site also features a different, but still excellent, 5th root tutorial and quiz, too.

There's little you can do with this other than using it to impress people at parties, but with 5th roots, cube roots, and perhaps even square roots of perfect squares and square roots of non-perfect squares, you'll have plenty of tools in your bag to astound and amuse when the time is right!

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