Happy 27th Anniversary, Square One TV!

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Square One TV logoObviously, I'm a big fan of mixing math and fun. It's time to give a little credit to one group that's responsible.

27 years ago this month, Square One TV, a PBS show teaching math with the use of comedy skits, music videos, and guest stars, premiered!

2 years ago, on Square One's 25th anniversary, I posted a tribute to this show, including some of my favorite segments.

At the time I was unable to provide links to complete episodes. Since then, however, several complete episodes have been uploaded to YouTube! Not every episode is available (yet?), but the complete episode guide will give you an idea of what's missing.

I've arranged the full episodes I can find into YouTube playlists by season, with the individual episodes arranged in order of broadcast. The season 1 playlist begins with the original IBM show promo, and then moves on to the very first episode. Here are all the YouTube playlists:

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

If you watch at least 1 full episode, you'll note that roughly the last third of each episode is dedicated to continuing segment called Mathnet, a sort of mathematical Dragnet parody. Square One TV originally aired Monday throughly Friday each week, so these segments always started a new adventure on Monday, and continued through with the conclusion reached on Friday's episode.

One of the downsides of not having every episode of Square One available is that it's difficult to watch complete runs of the Mathnet adventures. Fortunately, fans have solved that problem by posting 26 of the 30 episodes on YouTube, which you can find in this playlist! The complete Mathnet episode guide, which includes spoilers, can help you catch up on the ones which still aren't available.

I hope you enjoyed this mathematical walk down memory lane. I'll leave you with my favorite segment of Square One TV, a video about how to solve almost any type of problem title “Change Your Point of View”:

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