Geogebra Comes To Tablets!

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Proferichardperez' drawing with several images representing different areas of mathematicsIf you've read even a little of this blog, you know I love playing with math.

Naturally, when mobile apps are released that let me play with math on the go, I'm even more enthused! Earlier this month, an app called Geogebra was released, and it's a great way to explore math visually!

Geogebra is what is known as a computer algebra system, or CAS, for short. As you input various mathematical equations, you get a visual representation. The video below gives you a better idea of how Geogebra is used. While it focuses on the original online version, much of the operation is the same in the new versions:

The tablet versions of Geogebra were announced on Sept. 1st, and are available for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 tablets. Take the time to explore the other links on that page, as there's great support for the program in the form of a community, examples, videos, and much more!

If you already use the Wolfram|Alpha app on your tablet, Geogebra makes a nice compliment to it, for those who enjoy exploring math.

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