Secrets of Nim (Visual Multi-Pile Nim)

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NIM is WIN upside down!It's been a while since we've visited our old friend Nim.

Instead of a new version, we're going to a new look at the classic multi-pile Misère Nim.

If you need a refreshed course, I taught the basics of standard multi-pile Nim here, and the basics of multi-pile Misère Nim here.

The math in those articles did get somewhat technical, so I later taught a better way to visualize the board in order to help you see your best strategy.

Earlier this year, YouTube user Hythloday71 posted the video directly below, which discusses multi-pile Misère Nim. In the video, he plays the game at this site, which requires the Flash plug-in. If you're on a device without the Flash plug-in, you can play the match version here. Try an see if you can figure out how to win, before moving on.

What really drew me to this video in particular, however, was the explanation video. In my earlier visualization post, I tried illustrating the idea in text. In the video below, however, the same visualization concept is presented with straw frames of different colors that really bring the concept to life!

If you enjoyed this game, check out the other Nim posts on Grey Matters. Since Nim is a game you can always win, and has so many variations, it's fun to explore!

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