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New Grey Matters Store itemsWith everyone settling into school and the holidays approaching, this seemed like a good time to start adding some new items to the Grey Matters store!

Looking around, I've found several new items that belong in the store. Some have already been added, and others will be added in the coming days.

Looking to improve your memory? Thomas Harrington's The Magic of Memory was the first of the new additions. It features an expanded version of the classic Major/Peg System of memorizing numbers that is very easy to use.

Timothy Hyde's Magazine Memory, which I reviewed back in 2009, is an addition to the store that is long overdue. This is probably the best resource for learning to perform the magazine memory feat which I've ever come across.

Last year, I reviewed Persi Diaconis' and Ron Graham's Magical Mathematics. I'm thrilled to have added this impressive work both as a hardcover and as an ebook.

I've long featured Danica McKellar's previous books in the Grey Matters store, so her newest book, Girls Get Curves: Geometry Takes Shape was a definite and early must-add.

Not all the new additions are books and ebooks, as you'll see. Fans of my Nim strategy posts will definitely enjoy Abacan. The rules are a mix of single-pile and multi-pile Nim, as you'll see in the review video. You may want to read up on those classic versions of Nim before trying to work out a strategy specifically for Abacan.

As I mentioned, this is only the start of many new items to come. If you enjoyed reading Grey Matters, and would like to help support future posts, consider buying items through the Grey Matters store.

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