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Mbdortmund's chess knight photoI've been practicing and re-examining the Knight's Tour lately, mostly due to my recent work on Notakto.

In the process, I've run across a few new and fun Knight's Tour videos I thought you might enjoy.

The first clip is from a late '90s British game show called The Moment of Truth. Contestants are given one week to practice some impressive feat, and then perform it before a live audience, often under time pressure, in order to win exotic and expensive prizes.

One of the best things about the video below is that it's a wonderful example of how to create suspense. Between the time clock, the live audience, the player's immediately family, and the possibility of winning prizes, this Knight's Tour has plenty of tension. The anticipation created can be felt strongly.

The next Knight's Tour video is more informational. The basics of the Knight's Tour are explained, and then a example solution is shown. This Knight's Tour video has the rather unusual feature of being shot in 3D! Instead of embedding it, I'll link to the video, so you can use the 3D menu to choose your preferred method of viewing the effect. If you prefer, it can also be viewed as a standard 2D video instead.

The final video in the set is a school lecture about the approaches and history of the Knight's Tour. Just listening to the terminology they use, I can't help but wonder whether these two ran across my Knight's Tour lessons in their research.

While there's not as much tension as the first video, there is plenty to learn from it. As a bonus, you have to love how they chose to end the lecture.

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