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Luc Viator's plasma lamp pictureApril's snippets want to run free. They range from our usual topics like math and memory, to games, and even a little law and politics!

• If you enjoyed my previous post on Notakto, but you can't play the iPad app, Thane Plambeck has an online version you can play. Like the app, you start with one board, and work your way up to 5-board play. You can only move to the next level after winning 3 consecutive games on your current level.

• Speaking of strategy games, I've come across some new work on a classic. Ever play Hangman, and always use the same letters to guess in the same order, such as E-A-T-O-N? There is a better Hangman strategy, described over at DataGenetics. Instead of just giving you a new strategy, though, they go the extra step and explain the detailed thinking behind it, so you can understand it more completely.

• The Major System is a great technique for memorizing numbers, but can be challenging to learn. Over at the memory basics page, I've just added a few new resources that may help those who want to learn it. First, I added the Great Courses free video How To Memorize Numbers, a free lecture video from their Secrets of Mental Math course which I originally mentioned in October's snippets.

Over at Math Dude :: Quick & Dirty Tips, they also have an excellent series of 3 podcasts that teach the Major System. Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 are available on their web site, as well as from iTunes (episodes 92 through 94).

Vi Hart fans may remember her video Oh No, Pi Politics Again, about someone who claimed to have copyrighted music based on Pi. Writing music based on Pi is hardly a new and original idea, but the copyright claim was used to shut down others' videos anyway. Judge Michael H. Simon was the Oregon judge who presided over this case. Read the article Can you copyright music of pi? Judge says no to learn more about this decision, and exactly why the claim was denied.

• If you'll forgive me, I'm going to wind this post up with a little boasting. Back in January, I released Day One, my approach to speeding up and presenting the classic Day of the Week For Any Date feat. I updated it in February to include some unusual calendar-related bonus feats, as well. I'm proud to announce that, according to Lybrary.com's hot list, Day One is currently their 3rd best-selling magic item at this writing! The response has been simply incredible, and I'd like to thank everyone who bought it and who helped make this possible.

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