Grey Matters' 7th Blogiversary!

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Mehran Moghtadaei's Pi Digit GraphicCan you believe it? As of today, Grey Matters has been around for 7 full years!

That means it's time to celebrate and have a little geeky fun. It's the perfect time for it, too, because 3/14 is special for other reasons, too.

March 14th also happens to be Albert Einstein's birthday. Here's a quick 1-minute look at one of Einstein's most important discoveries:

The minutephysics YouTube channel has another short video about him called Albert Einstein: The Size and Existence of Atoms.

If you want to understand more about the wave/particle duality idea, minutephysics has a clear, simple video on that, as well. You can find part 1 at this link, and find part 2 at this link.

For a more detailed, yet still clear, understandable, and fun explanation of the , there's the “Making Waves” episode of James Burke's The Day The Universe Changed, and the second half of The Universe: Beyond The Big Bang.

3/14 is, of course, also Pi Day, the geekiest holiday of the year! Numberphile has gone all out for the occasion, producing not just one, but four pi videos for the occasion!

It all starts with the main Pi video below:

Wait...go back to about the 7 minute mark in the video...did he say Pi was 3.142?!? I've had 400 digits of Pi memorized for quite some time, and I'm pretty sure it's 3.141, not 2. The standard mnemonic is “How(3 letters) I(1) want(4) a(1) drink(5), alcoholic(9) of(2) course(6), after(5) the(3) heavy(5) lectures(8) involving(9) quantum(7) mechanics(9)!”

The other Pi videos are about specific views on Pi. The topics are Bouncing Balls, Buffon's Needle (done with matches), and the Sounds of Pi.

The always fascinating and mysterious Vi Hart also has a treat for us. It's her tribute to Pi Day and Shakespeare (no, he was born on April 26th), done in iambic pentameter!

Well done, Vi. Thanks for everyone here, especially you, dear reader, for celebrate 3/14 and 7 great years with Grey Matters! Now, it's time to start working on year 8...

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