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Day One logo4 weeks ago, I announced the release of Day One, my updated and simplified handling of the classic day of the week for any date feat.

Today, I'm announcing an update to Day One, with a new ebook and a new app!

The updates mostly concern additional feats to perform after you've created the calendar. Using the information you worked out while before creating the calendar, these extra feats let you present an incredible range of knowledge.

The first feat is called “Turning 65.” If the calendar you created was an audience member's birthday, this section shows you how to quickly determine the day of the week they'll turn 65. There's much less calculation involved that you might think. As Michael Daniels has pointed out in his review of the update, even if you use another way of determining the day for any date, you can still use this feat!

The second added feat shows you how to work out which months in any given year have a Friday the 13th. Generally, you perform this with the year for which you've just created the calendar. It's especially interesting bit to present if someone was born on a Friday the 13th, but I teach how to present it under all circumstances.

The next feat is tougher than the previous ones, but the astounding results are worth the extra effort. After creating a calendar for someone, you ask for any day of the week, and are able to give all the months of the given year in which that day occurs five times. For example, if you just created a calendar for a month in 1980, and someone asked for Thursdays, you could tell them that the only months with five Thursdays are January, May, July, and October, as seen here. As many people are familiar with the infamous e-mail about 5 Friday, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays happening only every 823 years, this can be a topical feat.

The final feat in the new ebook is different than the others. This feat shows you how to present the Day One feat without creating a calendar card. If you don't have the calendar cards with you, or even if you just want a simpler, less formal presentation, this is a good presentation to know. All the memory work is presented as if you're recalling stories from your past, or stories told to you by loved ones, if the given date was long enough ago.

A new set of apps is included to help train you to perform all these additional feats.

Best of all, the new ebook and app come at no additional charge as part of the Day One package! If you already purchased Day One from Lybrary.com, then the updates are available from there by simple download.

If you haven't bought it yet, you can buy Day One at Lybrary.com for only $9.99!

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