Yet Still More Quick Snippets

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Luc Viator's plasma lamp pictureIt's time for January's snippets.

This month, we're going to catch up with the latest round of math-related videos!

• Back in December, mathemusician Vi Hart posted the first of a 3-part video series she dubbed Doodling in Math: Spirals, Fibonacci, and Being a Plant. The second part has just been posted, with the third part expected in about 2 weeks:

While waiting for more fun from Vi, you might want to explore more fun with Phi.

• James Grime is back with another math puzzle. In this one, the answer should be simple, but it depends on an aspect of numbers that's not often considered. Watch this video, and see if you can figure out the answer before he finishes going through the entire process:

• Speaking of James Grime, he's also been busy doing videos for the NumberPhile channel. Check out their channel if you haven't already. Each video focuses on fascinating aspects of different numbers. Their newest one features James Grime on Mersenne Primes:

• I've added a new section to the Grey Matters Online Store. I've moved all my CafePress items together in one store. In the Penny Star Puzzles section, you can even try the puzzle yourself before you buy it!

In addition, I've added a new item called the Magnetic Perpetual Calendar. The basic idea is very simple, as you can see in this video:

They come as a set of 3 for less than $15, with discounts available for bulk orders.

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