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Brain scanNOTE: Since this coming Sunday is Christmas, I will be spending that day with my loved ones, and there will be no post that day. Happy Holidays!

I've spent much of the year teaching you about memory feats, and making you work and think.

It's the holiday season now, and it's time to relax. So, for a change, sit back, relax, and watch other perform the types of feats I've discussed on this site!

We'll start off with Bob Miller, who recalls 25 randomly selected cards, and even several that weren't selected!

Note that Bob Miller refers to remembering 40 names in the above video. If you're curious about that, check out this video in which he recalls 80 names!

I talk quite a bit about the day of the week for any date feat, so I was pleased to find a video of it being performed. Here's Greg Arce, performing the calendar feat the famed Magic Castle in Hollywood:

Harry Lorayne has been working with memory feats and techniques since before most people in his audiences were born. Here's an ad for his memory lessons from the October 1963 issue of Popular Science, and with further searching, I've found Billboard mentions going back to 1949! Here's Harry Lorayne performing the magic square in his inimitable style:

Among the lesser-known memory feats to the general public is the memorization an entire weekly magazine. The fact that the magazine contents change so frequently, and the number of pages involved, make this feat very impressive when well-presented. Watch Jonathan Levit recalling an entire Time Magazine from back in December 2007:

If you'd like to get an idea of how different performers present the same effect, compare the above performance to Nick Morton's magazine memory act here.

We'll round out this post with a memory act you may or may not have the stomach to watch. What do you get when you cross a memory feat with a nail gun? Naturally, you get Penn & Teller:

Do you have any favorite memory act videos? Let everyone know about them in the comments!

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