Even More Quick Snippets

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Luc Viator's plasma lamp pictureNovember's snippets are here, and we're going to try and jog your memory with them!

• There's a new memory technique teaching site on the web called Memory Dojo. Joining requires a paid membership, but there are several free goodies available on the site, as well. Most notably, there are the video lessons from the site available on their YouTube channel.

Mental Case for Mac OS X has just upgraded to the long-promised 2.0 version! The new version does require OS X Lion. If you haven't upgraded your Mac to Lion yet, they still offer 1.9 and a serial number for download from the site. Either version will still work with both the iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch apps.

• Speaking of apps, there's another new one out there called Namerick. It's designed to help you remember people's names via two ingenious strategies. First, you enter a name and create a silly-sounding alliterative phrase for the name, such as "Fred floats felines" (there are both randomly-generated choices and the option to enter your own original creations) as a mnemonic. Using spaced repetition, you're reminded of your new acquaintances. through the iOS 5 Notification Center. at intervals designed to maximize your retention. This way, you can focus on the recalling the face and name for later recall.

• OK, I've covered paid products above, so how about some good old fashioned free memory fun? Each week, for the rest of 2011, mental_floss' blog will feature mnemonic posts, encouraging their users to create new ones or post their favorite classics. If you've been practicing your US Geography, mental_floss will also challenge you to name all the state capitals, name the landlocked states, and name the states that begin an end with the same letter.

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