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CBS Unforgettable logoBack in July, I posted about people who cannot forget, in which I included a 60 Minutes report on the topic.

The idea of not being able to forget has certainly captured CBS' imagination. This Tuesday, they're premiering a show about an investigator who can't forget any day of her life.

There are a couple of emotional touches, of course. Most notably, her sister was murdered when they were children, and she can't seem to remember enough details about it to figure it out.

Here's the promotional preview CBS has released:

Since Numb3rs went off the air, I've been without a show I can enjoy in my own geeky way, and this looks like a good candidate. With the perfect memory premise, you can see why I'm naturally drawn to this show. When the preview got to the point where they give her the date March 27, 1998, I'm naturally trying to get the day of the week for that date too, and I shouted “Friday!” at the screen just a split second before she said, “...Tuesday.” You can see who was right by clicking here.

While I'm not crazy about yet another New York investigative drama, Numb3rs was able to bring a fresh life to L.A. crime investigation dramas, so maybe the perfect memory premise can do the same for this show. In this behind-the-scenes look at the show, star Poppy Montgomery mentions that she sees it as as a sort of superhero story. That's a good approach, and as long as they're able to keep the premise authentic, the show should do well.

Check this show out when Unforgettable premieres on Tuesday, Sept. 20th, at 10/9c on CBS. You can learn more about the show at CBS' Unforgettable homepage.

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