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Luc Viatour's plasma lamp pictureIn August's snippets, we take another look at past links on Grey Matters that lead us to all new links!

• If you're old enough to remember the 1990s, you're probably old enough to remember Kevin Trudeau's infomercials for his Mega Memory audio tapes. Thanks to the Internet Archive, the full audio of Mega Memory is now available as a free download! Also available are the full audio of Advanced Mega Memory, and an hour-long lecture video titled Never Forget Another Name.

They original Mega Memory course part of an FTC fraud case against Kevin Trudeau, as he made the claim that these tapes could give you a photographic memory, even if you suffered from learning disabilities. As discussed back in August, a true photographic memory has quite different implications from a trained memory. These audio and video downloads, however, do provide a good basic introduction to mnemonic techniques, so they're still worth checking out.

• I first brought up the Monty Hall dilemma on this blog in 2006, and discussed it again with the help of Scam School last year. If you have Flash on your system, you can try the game yourself repeatedly on StayOrSwitch.com. Besides playing the game itself online, there are several good explanation videos on the site, as well. If you're on an iOS device and don't have Flash, you can still play the game for free with the Monty Hall Paradox app.

Test Your Vocab is a fun internet quiz as well as a good self-improvement benchmark. It quizzes you by asking about sample words, and uses that to determine the estimated size of your vocabulary. If you desire to expand your vocabulary, there's the Mnemonic Dictionary, as listed on the Memory Tools page, and Thinkalink's vocabulary section, a mnemonic site I covered last year.

• Doug Canning has recently made his book Canning's Card Capers, available as an eBook. This is the book where Mental Shopper (and its practice quiz) originated. If you appreciate think kind of ingenious thinking and generosity, purchasing his eBook would be an excellent way to show it.

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11:44 AM

Snippets are my favorite!

I really liked the Mega Memory links. I watched the video and it was excellent, especially for someone who's never used this technique. I am most excited about the pdf of the Pocket Guide. My imagination is terrible.

Thanks again for a great site!